Self Defence

Self Defence for Men, Women & Teenagers

Self-defence is for anybody who wants to defend themselves and their loved ones in a simple, effective and straightforward manner. You don't need previous experience or great athleticism, good self defence skills work within a person's capabilities and requirements while at the same time offering the opportunity for constant improvement.

Trident Self-Defence

Trident Self-Defence is an effective and adaptable system that taps into your natural defensive instincts this makes it easy to learn and retain and the extra big bonus is that it skills will come out under

the pressure of a real attack unlike overly complicated martial art techniques that can take years to master. 


Training Choices

One-on-one sessions make it easier to cater to individual needs and interests however you don't need any special reason for doing one-on-one sessions other than it is what you want to do.


Training in Pairs: You can split the cost of a personal session by going doubles with a family member your partner or friend.

Group Training: If you have a group of friends who want to train with you, you will be able to bring the cost of your training session down even more for more information "click here"

Short Course & Regular Training Available

All training is designed to meet your individual’s needs, interests and abilities.

Listed below are some of the many different subjects you may choose to cover

• Overcoming psychological hurdles         • How to comunicate physically with a bully

• Dealing with fear and adrenaline            • How to communicate verbally with a bully

• Ground defence against grapplers         • Defence against multiple attackers

• How to avoid confrontations                   • Escaping an abductor       

• Road Rage        • Date Rape                  • Escapes from holds     • Knife Defence