Reasons to train at the

Trident Martial Art Academy

Safe training environment:

Nobody wants to be lost in the crowd with an inexperienced, clumsy or aggressive training partner. With personal training you receive  constant alert observation for maximum safety and results.

Have your individual needs met:

Your sessions are designed around your individual needs, interests and abilities.  Classes will move at your pace be it fast or slow and if you want to be push we will push to help you reach your training goals.


Flexible Training Times:

Classes morning, noon and night, weekdays and weekends. You can have  a regular training time or you can move about if you need to suit your busy schedule.

Your Sessions Are 100% PRIVATE

Confidentiality can be important. Nobody will join in or view your session without your permission.

Rapid Results

With the full attention of the instructor, constant skill evaluation and instant feedback that only private  tuition can provide, you are sure to progress faster than in any other environment.

Fully equipped studio:

You will be training in our clean fresh and fully equipped, air conditioned studio.


Personal Training session are more cost effective than group classes because you  can learn 10 to 15 faster without paying 10 to  15 times as much.

Bruce Lee believed

"The only way to teach anyone proper self defence is to approach each individual personally". If you want to learn properly then the individual personal approach is best. To make it happen you can ring us NOW.