Russian Martial Art


Systema is the martial art of the Russian elite special forces (Spetsnaz). It's an adaptable, free flowing, martial art that has no strict rules or rigid form. Movements are based on natural instinctive reactions blended with compatible martial art techniques that work with individual strengths and characteristics, this makes it highly effective, easy   to learn and retain for anybody prepared to put in a reasonable effort.                                


Systema is a principle driven martial art that means you are taught the principles behind your movements. This will enable you to adapt your skills to unforeseen situations, or to put it another way "you don't need an attacker to attack you in the right way in order for your techniques to work".  



With drills and exercises unique to Systema you can develop your mind and body to react naturally and instinctively allowing your movements to be as natural as walking or running. If you already have martial arts experience these exercises can only enhance your present skill level.

Systema offers an all-round greater understanding of locks, blocks, strikes, grappling and much more. If you're interested in seeing what this Russian martial art is about and how it can benefit you then feel free to call and arrange yourself an introductory session.


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