Martial Arts Training

in St Helena


At Trident Martial Art Academy, we offer  personal martial training for men, women & teenagers. Our classes are offered on a 1:1 basis or in small groups.

Martial arts styles taught can include: Mixed Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Systema, and Tailored Self Defence.

Our studio is fully equipped, air conditioned in a safe, purposeful welcoming environment for all fitness levels.

Give Trident Martial Art Academy a call today on 0418 586 055 to book in your next lesson.

Martial Arts St Helena


Personal Self Defence (PSD) is self defence tailored to suit your individual needs, interests and abilities, it is not a sport. PSD training focus on strategies and effectiveness in real-life conditions and situations.

PSD works with your natural instincts making it is easy to learn and retain.

And best of all, your skills will come out under the pressure of a real attack because they are so closely aligned with your natural instincts. While PSD trainings main goal is self defence you can expect improvements in self-confidence, coordination, focus, and much more. Phone now and book your introductory session today. Call now on 0418 586 055


Learn how to strike hard, build physical fitness like you never imagined and train and condition your body to reach new levels of capabilities with our intense kick boxing training. We will focus on your technique, improved self defence skills, power and flexibility in our Melbourne Kick Boxing classes.

Train 1:1, pairs or small groups. Kick boxing is a great way to start martial arts training and to help you develop assertiveness.

Get into action now! Call 0418 586 055.


Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing and most popular trend in the martial arts world today. Learn ground work, stand up fighting, tackles, heavy hitting with speed and accuracy.

Our circuit MMA training is a great way to condition yourself quickly. to develop fighting fitness head on with confidence and skill.

To become an all round fighter, we can tailor MMA training to your current strengths and assist in improving your overall fighting abilities. Call 0418 586 055


Russian Special Forces (Spetznaz) are renown for their unique unarmed combat fighting abilities in the most challenging and difficult life threatening environments. Such skills need to be practical, cut through anything that wastes time and enables the soldier to conquer adversaries.

These skills have only recently come to the West and can be taught at our fully equipped studio. Recommended only for the most serious of martial arts students who know what they want. To learn SYSTEMA, call 0418 586 055.


Learn Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi which can enhance discipline, energy, skills, coordination, improved focus, mindfulness and much more. Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice has been linked to helping extend quality of life, improve internal organs and body systems, create a more calm and balanced mind, personality and much more.

A blend of traditional styles of Kung Fu can be taught and implemented together in a training style that helps you become the best fighter and version of yourself. Call 0418 586 055

Martial Arts St Helena
Martial Arts St Helena
Martial Arts St Helena
Martial Arts St Helena
Martial Arts St Helena