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Discover SYSTEMA martial art of the Russian Elite Special Force (Spetsnaz). Once only taught to the elite forces of the Russian military. Systema is an adaptable, free flowing, self defence system that has no strict rules or rigid form. Movements are based on natural actions and reactions that work with your individual strengths and characteristics, this makes it extremely effective and adaptable to different environments and situations Once learnt, these movements become automatic reflex in reaction to physical assaults

Systema Epping

Learn Systema at our fully equipped air-conditioned training studio in Diamond Creek or have us come to you in your own home or office at Epping.


Systema is an excellent choice of martial art for any man, women or teenager. You can be a rank beginner or an experienced martial artist and you will still benefit greatly from Systema training.  

Systema Training in Epping

You can train one-on-one in pairs or with a group of friends and or family. You’ll learn the powerful and unique unarmed combat drills and applications of Systema with the full attention of your own personal instructor ensuring your safety and high quality of training. 

To learn more, call Trident Martial Art Academy on 0418 586 055

$20 Introductory Lesson

To help you get started where're offering you a 1:1 introductory class for just $20, bring a friend (male or female) and its just $10-each, bring four friends $5-each.


Call us now we look forward to hearing from you. Book your introductory session today for a time that suits you. Phone now and start your Russian Martial Arts journey today call now on 0418 586 055

About the Instructor

Craig Stewart, Principal Instructor at Trident Martial Art Academy has over 40 years martial arts experience. He is a member of the Martial Arts Industry Association and the Kung-Fu Wushu Association of Victoria.

Craig has trained across a variety of styles and his teaching approach is very much personalised to help you achieve your goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. Give Craig a call on 0418 586 055.

Systema Epping
Systema Epping
Systema Epping
Systema Epping